RStudio Online Training Courses: Your Guide to Mastering R

RStudio has become an essential tool for data scientists, analysts, and statisticians looking to harness the power of R for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your skills, these trending online courses will help you achieve your goals. Below, we outline some of the top RStudio courses available, each designed to fit into your busy schedule while providing comprehensive knowledge and practical experience.

Trending RStudio Online Training Courses

RStudio Online Training Courses
RStudio Online Training Courses

1. R for Data Science: Lunch Break Lessons

  • Duration: 19h 55m
  • Viewers: 162,996
  • This extensive course by Mark Niemann-Ross is perfect for those who want to learn R during short breaks. It covers all essentials from data wrangling to advanced data science techniques.

2. Data Visualization in R with ggplot2

  • Duration: 2h 27m
  • Viewers: 80,559
  • Dive deep into data visualization with this course by Mike Chapple. Learn how to create stunning and informative visualizations using ggplot2.

3. R Essential Training: Wrangling and Visualizing Data

  • Duration: 4h 18m
  • Viewers: 70,803
  • Barton Poulson’s course offers essential training in data wrangling and visualization, providing a solid foundation in R programming.

4. Creating Interactive Presentations with Shiny and R

  • Duration: 1h 53m
  • Viewers: 62,234
  • This course teaches you how to create interactive web applications and presentations using Shiny and R, making your data analysis more dynamic and interactive.

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Additional Noteworthy Courses

RStudio Online Training Courses
RStudio Online Training Courses
  • Complete Guide to R: Wrangling, Visualizing, and Modeling Data

    • Duration: 8h 15m
    • Viewers: 1,404
    • By Barton Poulson, this comprehensive course covers everything from data wrangling to advanced modeling techniques in R.
  • Building Data Apps with R and Shiny: Essential Training

    • Duration: 2h 50m
    • Viewers: 13,857
    • Charlie Joey Hadley’s course focuses on building robust data applications using R and Shiny, essential for any aspiring data app developer.
  • R Essential Training Part 2: Modeling Data

    • Duration: 3h 59m
    • Viewers: 34,492
    • This advanced course by Barton Poulson dives into modeling data, providing in-depth knowledge and practical skills in R.

Short Video Tutorials

  • Introduction to R

    • Duration: 40s
    • From the “Complete Your First Project in R” series, this short video provides a quick overview of R, perfect for absolute beginners.
  • Installing R and RStudio

    • Duration: 1m each
    • These brief videos from Barton Poulson’s course will guide you through the installation process of R and RStudio.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Cert Prep

  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Cert Prep

    • Duration: 2h 33m
    • Viewers: 26,818
    • By Jungwoo Ryoo, this course helps prepare for the CAP certification, using R for data analysis.
  • Using R to Analyze Data

    • Duration: 3m
    • A quick tutorial on using R for data analysis, included in the CAP Cert Prep series.

Specialized Training

  • Cleaning Bad Data in R

    • Duration: 1h 54m
    • Viewers: 51,459
    • Mike Chapple’s course focuses on identifying and cleaning bad data, a crucial skill for maintaining data integrity.

Interactive Data Analysis

  • Using Tableau to Visualize Data

    • Duration: 1m
    • A short video demonstrating how to use Tableau for data visualization, part of the CAP Cert Prep series.
  • Creating a Logistic Regression Model in R

    • Duration: 7m
    • This video from the “Tableau and R for Analytics Projects” series teaches how to create and interpret logistic regression models in R.

These courses collectively offer a comprehensive path to mastering R and RStudio, whether for data science, analytics, or creating interactive data applications. Enhance your skills with these top-rated courses and join thousands of learners advancing their careers in data science.

For more details and to explore all 891 RStudio training courses, join our learning community today.

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