How to Avoid a Rejected Educational Credential Assessment?

If Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rejects your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA), your immigration process could face significant delays. Here’s how to avoid having your ECA rejected and ensure a smooth application process.

Understanding the Importance of an ECA

For those applying for economic class immigration to Canada through Express Entry, obtaining an ECA is crucial. This document verifies the Canadian equivalent of your international academic credentials, including degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Ensuring your ECA is accepted is vital for your immigration application.

How to Avoid a Rejected Educational Credential Assessment?
How to Avoid a Rejected Educational Credential Assessment?

Steps to Avoid a Rejected ECA

  1. Select the Correct Type of Evaluation Report

    • Different types of evaluation reports exist, but the ECA is the one required by IRCC. Ensure you choose the correct type, specifically for immigration purposes, to meet IRCC’s criteria and avoid delays.
  2. Order an ECA from an IRCC-Designated Provider

    • Only five organizations are designated by IRCC to provide ECAs. Using a non-designated provider can result in your document, and consequently your application, being delayed or rejected. Confirm that your ECA provider is IRCC-designated to prevent such issues.
  3. Ensure Your ECA is Current

    • An ECA from any designated organization is valid for five years. To avoid issues, ensure your ECA is current. Some services, like WES, offer easy renewals, extending the validity for another five years. With WES, you can renew your ECA through your account by selecting “Order Duplicate IRCC.”

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Explore Getting an ECA from WES

Founded in 1974, World Education Services (WES) has completed over four million credential evaluations and partners with thousands of academic institutions globally. WES can complete your ECA for immigration within 30 business days once all documents and payments are received and approved. Their assessments can be conveniently renewed and extended.

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Avoiding a rejected ECA involves selecting the correct type of evaluation report, ensuring your provider is IRCC-designated, and keeping your ECA current. Following these steps can streamline your immigration process and prevent unnecessary delays.

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