7 Helpful Tips to Improve Communication Skills, According to a Clinical Psychologist

Effective communication is crucial in both personal and professional relationships. If you’re struggling to convey your thoughts and feelings clearly, you’re not alone. Dr. Naomi Bernstein, Psy.D, and co-host of the “Oversharing” podcast, offers practical strategies to help you become more intentional and mindful in your communication.

1. Understanding Post-Pandemic Communication

Dr. Bernstein highlights that while virtual communication increased during the pandemic, it hasn’t necessarily worsened our ability to communicate. The shift to digital interactions has made us more reliant on text-based communication, which can sometimes lead to misinterpretations due to the lack of tone and context.

How To Communicate Better
How To Communicate Better

2. Identifying Communication Barriers

Preconceived notions often hinder effective communication. Many people fear negative reactions or believe that their words won’t be well-received. Dr. Bernstein advises learning to tolerate negative emotions and practicing mindfulness to manage these feelings.

3. Recognizing Different Communication Styles

People generally fall into two communication styles: avoidant or reassurance-seeking. Avoidant communicators tend to bypass emotional discussions, while reassurance seekers often overwhelm others with their need for constant affirmation. Understanding these styles can help tailor your communication approach.

4. Avoiding Unhelpful Communication Practices

Ignoring issues or dumping all your grievances in one conversation is counterproductive. Dr. Bernstein recommends addressing concerns promptly and focusing on one issue at a time to prevent passive-aggressive behavior and overwhelming your partner.

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5. Effective Communication Strategies

Dr. Bernstein emphasizes the importance of mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing and bodily awareness, to manage emotional reactions. Recognizing where emotions manifest in your body can help you stay calm and articulate during conversations.

How To Communicate Better

6. Communicating with Friends

To avoid misunderstandings with friends, Dr. Bernstein suggests using the RVS method: Reflect, Validate, and Support. Reflect on what your friend says, validate their feelings, and offer support by asking how you can improve the situation.

7. Enhancing Couple Communication

In relationships, addressing issues before they escalate is key. Dr. Bernstein advises couples to establish a mantra or affirmation to foster teamwork and to discuss concerns calmly during intimate activities like cooking or hiking.


Improving communication skills is a continuous journey. By practicing mindfulness, addressing issues promptly, and understanding different communication styles, you can enhance your relationships and become a more effective communicator.

For more detailed advice on improving your communication skills, visit the full article here.

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