Best Azure Certification Courses Online – 2024 Guide

Microsoft Azure certifications hold significant weight in the tech industry, validating expertise in cloud computing. While Microsoft offers these certifications directly, numerous online courses prepare candidates thoroughly.

Why Take an Azure Certification Course?

Azure certifications demand specific skills like designing security solutions and configuring Azure resources. These courses equip learners with essential tools and knowledge required to excel in their chosen credentials.

Best Azure Certification Online Courses Of 2024

Top 7 Azure Certification Courses Online:

  1. Coursera – Create Machine Learning Models in Microsoft Azure

    • Cost: $49/month
    • Length: Self-paced, 12 hours
    • Overview: Focuses on building machine learning models within Azure’s environment.
  2. DataCamp – Introduction to Azure

    • Cost: $300/year
    • Length: Self-paced, 3 hours
    • Overview: Provides a foundational understanding of Azure’s capabilities.
  3. Microsoft – Microsoft Azure Certification Courses

    • Cost: Free
    • Length: Self-paced, various durations
    • Overview: Offers comprehensive courses directly from Microsoft, covering a range of Azure skills.
  4. ONLC Training Centers – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Instructor-Led Course

    • Cost: $495
    • Length: One day
    • Overview: Intensive training session focusing on Azure Fundamentals in an instructor-led format.
  5. Simplilearn – Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate Training Course

    • Cost: $800
    • Length: Varies
    • Overview: Prepares candidates for the Azure Developer Associate certification with flexible learning options.
  6. TLG Learning – Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

    • Cost: $2,495
    • Length: Four days
    • Overview: Intensive course specializing in Azure AI solutions, ideal for advanced learners.
  7. Udemy – Microsoft Azure: From Zero to Hero – The Complete Guide

    • Cost: $100
    • Length: Self-paced, 21+ hours
    • Overview: Comprehensive guide covering Azure fundamentals to advanced topics.

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Choosing the right Azure certification course depends on your current skill level and career aspirations. These courses, ranging from free to intensive bootcamp styles, provide the necessary preparation to excel in Azure certifications, unlocking career opportunities and salary advancements in the tech industry.

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