Which is Best For a Project Management Course, a Classroom or an Online Class?

Considering your learning style, schedule flexibility, and the need for interactive, real-time feedback, which environment—classroom or online—will more effectively enhance your competency and confidence in project management skills?

Choosing the Best Learning Environment for Project Management Course

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Navigating the evolving landscape of project management education is crucial, as it directly impacts your learning effectiveness and skill development. If you’re a prospective student or a professional aiming to boost your project management skills, deciding between a traditional classroom setting and an online class is a significant choice. This article delves into the advantages and challenges of both options, using the latest data to guide your decision.

Classroom-Based Learning: Benefits and Drawbacks

Interactive Learning Environment

Classrooms provide real-time interactions with instructors and classmates, fostering a deeper understanding through immediate feedback and group learning exercises.

Structured Learning

The set schedule of a classroom environment promotes consistent study habits and accountability, which are beneficial for maintaining focus.

Networking Opportunities

Physical classes allow you to connect with peers and professionals in the field, offering valuable networking opportunities that can propel your career forward.

Less Flexibility

The fixed schedule of classroom sessions and the commute required can pose challenges, particularly for those balancing work or other responsibilities.

Higher Costs

Traditional classroom learning often comes with greater expenses due to the costs associated with maintaining facilities and resources.

Geographic Limitation

If you don’t live close to the institution, you may face the inconvenience of relocating or enduring a lengthy commute.

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Online Classes: Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Online classes provide the flexibility to access materials at any time from anywhere, which can be especially advantageous for learners in different time zones or with varying schedules.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Generally, online courses are less expensive as they come with reduced overhead and eliminate commuting and housing costs.
  • Broader Choices: The option to enrol in programmes globally significantly expands your educational choices, especially in specialised subjects.

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  • Limited Interaction: The interaction in online formats might not be as engaging as in-person discussions, even with technologies like live chats and forums.
  • Self-Discipline Required: Online learning demands a high level of self-motivation and discipline to keep pace with the course requirements without traditional structure.
  • Technology Dependence: Dependable internet access and a capable computer are essential, which can be a hurdle for some.

Recent Trends and Data
Project Management Course

The 2023 Project Management Institute (PMI) survey indicates a notable shift towards online learning, with 67% of project management professionals having taken at least one online course, up from 58% in 2019. This survey also revealed that online learners are quicker to adapt to new software tools, an essential skill given the fast-paced technological advancements in project management.

Recent studies have underscored the effectiveness of blended learning, which integrates online and classroom experiences. This approach has been shown to enhance retention rates by up to 25%, suggesting that a combination of learning modes might be the optimal strategy for many.


The decision between classroom and online learning should be based on personal needs and situations. If you thrive in structured settings and value interpersonal interactions, classroom learning could be more beneficial. Conversely, if you prioritise flexibility and cost efficiency and online learning might be preferable.

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