How to Get a Course Hero Free Trial: A Step by Step Guide

Are you ready to exploit your learning potential to the fullest? Find out how to secure Course Hero free trial access and take the opportunity to advance your academics today.

Course Hero is one of the largest online learning platforms with a truly immense storage of study resources, from class notes to textbooks, from practice problems to helpful guides on almost every discipline.

How to Get a Course Hero Free Trial?

QuickBooks Online Classes
QuickBooks Online Classes

It would be misleading to say that Course Hero does offer free trials in the common understanding of these words. In this post, I will lead you step by step through unlocking some of its features for free to make the most of the 30-day trial.

Visit the Course Hero site: Go to the Course Hero website ( and sign up for a free account.

Find the upload option: Find the “Upload Documents” tab located at the top right of your home page or account dashboard.

Contribute Your Own Study Materials: Course Hero incentivizes its free users by providing temporary access to locked content in exchange for your uploaded original study materials. You can contribute anything like class notes, homework, study guides, or anything else that you create to assist fellow students.

Unlock Documents (For a Limited Time): After being uploaded and reviewed (it usually takes a couple of hours to be processed), you will receive “Unlock Points.” These points are a way of unlocking documents on Course Hero for a limited time (mostly 30 days).

How to Get the Most of Your Free Trial:

Upload high-quality content.

Course Hero offers users an upload space for high-quality, formatted study materials. Uploading clear and detailed notes or solutions to problem sets with good explanations will increase approval rates and also get you more “Unlock Points.”

Focus on in-demand subjects:

Uploading materials for popular courses or hard subjects will receive quicker review and approval, and in so doing, it is possible to review such a wide variety of resources.

Join the Course Hero Community:

Engage other students in discussions on the Course Hero platform. This will not only bring you closer to other students but will also show loyalty to the platform, which might accrue value to “Unlock Points” (not an official word from Course Hero, but, as per some reviewers, this is helpful).

Course Hero Free Trial
Course Hero Free Trial

Restricted Access:

The nature of the trial acquired via the upload method is temporary access, not permanent access. One has to keep uploading new documents or subscribe to their subscription plans for access to locked documents.

Emphasis on uploading:

The entire “trial” premise revolves around the idea of having to upload your own material. This may not be for everyone.


Search on the net for other free sources of e-learning, MIT OpenCourseWare, or YouTube channels with educational content.

While Course Hero doesn’t have a conventional free trial mechanism, access via upload is what it is—free. A new user can experience Course Hero via an uploaded document because some of the material inside is accessible on the main website. Look around at other free options.

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